The Women's Drumming Circle of First Unitarian Church, South Bend, Indiana    

Many, many moons ago, a group of women gathered at the church for support, education, encouragement and friendship. And it was good. A Circle was cast and opened to welcome and include all those seeking spiritual connection through Sisterhood. Over the years, the group ebbed and flowed in energy, membership and participation, trusting that all was as it was meant to be. During that time, the gifts of the Circle flowed freely and we witnessed transformation, growth and empowerment among those within the sacred space. Perhaps more importantly was how the energy rippled out into the larger community effecting change both locally and globally. We came to know the beauty and responsibility of the Circle and saw firsthand how the gifts blossomed when shared with honorable intentions and loving hearts.

Believing that for everything there is a season, it has been recognized that the original purpose of the Circle has been met and that the time has come to let go with the same grace, thoughtfulness and intention that opened it almost fifteen years ago. In closing the Circle, we clear the space for a new generation of creation in whatever form it takes. In closing the Circle, we acknowledge, honor and celebrate its place in the Wheel of Life. In closing the circle, we are aware that the goodness and the rituals and the magick and the friendships continue. And it's still good.

We joined on Saturday, April 4, 2009 for the closing ritual. We brought mementos from rituals past, stories of what the group (or a specific ritual) has meant to us, photos of our times together, copies of favorite rituals, etc. The Circle also welcomed items from other parts of our lives that were inspired by the Circle. We brought favorite chants and songs and musical toys. Placing these on the altar, we began with a sharing circle. As we shared stories and song, we each poured water into a communal bowl. Then, we put the energy (and water) into motion by walking over to the island and releasing it. With that, The Women's Spirituality Group and Drumming Circle of The First Unitarian Church of South Bend closed.


-- Kellirae Boann

In 2008 we put together a Sunday Service for First U, using a script written by several of the women of our Central Midwest District Women and Religion Committee. Marie took some photos, which are HERE!

In 2001, we made a CD to benefit a small village in Belize! Most of the songs, and poetry on the CD are originals, written by members of the group from all over Michiana. The music we played is an eclectic mix of women's spirituality chants, Native American and African tunes, with plenty of harmony.

The CDs are now available through UU Women and Religion.
photo © 2008 Marie Kolecki -- at First U Sunday Service August 24

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